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A Brief History of the Chunnel

You may be wondering what the Chunnel is – let us clear this up for you, it is the tunnel that lies beneath the English Channel, connecting England to France. At first this tunnel was known as the ‘channel-tunnel’ but is now more commonly referred to as ‘the chunnel’.

This tunnel serves as a means for the Chunnel Train to carry passengers from London to Paris & Brussels each day – multiple times a day! The idea of tunneling beneath the English Channel began circulating in the early 19th century. Construction on the Chunnel used today began in 1988. At a cost of over $21 billion, the 31.4 mile-long Channel Tunnel was completed in 1994, and officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II and President Mitterrand. With regular maintenance and upkeep, the Chunnel allows for millions of passengers travel between London and Paris each year – both for business and pleasure!