Aye! By Ferry to Far Lands

A Moveable Feast of Light and Love

An ordinary sea crossing? Far from it. Long ago, the journey was made by barnacled barge, splintered oars held by the calloused hands of salty seafarers. Today, the P&O Ferries sail the mighty Channel by a stocked boat the world has never seen. This, travelers, is the Dover to Calais Ferry.

In the words of Shakespeare in Henry V, let us now “march on to Calais without impeachment.” But by ferry. You can’t walk on water. Or if you can, we need to talk.

Checking your pocketwatch, you race to the port, only to discover there are over 40 sailings per day. At the dock, one must admire the view of this massive vessel, faster and more powerful than a whale leagues below sea. This was no ironclad, nor a Rob Roy, but a ferry to carry you and your vehicle in comfort.

P&O Ferries have made crossing Europe a pleasure. In the Tinker’s Workshop, machinists, led by coxswain Miller O’Toole, built a boat filled with modern conveniences. The 75-minute ferry journey from Dover to Calais will pass quickly, like wind through a turbine.

In the elegant Club Lounge, surround yourself with conversation and a complimentary flute of champagne. Too highfalutin? Hang with pirates in the coffee shop or The Bar. Traveling with your precious brood? Let the little ones run around the ship, expending their boundless energy while you watch with a glint in your eye.

What’s that you hear? How quickly the horn sounds. Whether sailing into Dover or Calais, there is direct motorway access, enabling you to hit the road as soon as done crossing the channel. Your car filled with steamer trunks and robots, you set off to discover England, France or beyond. Promised lands without nobility or class warfare or pollution.

Crossing the chunnel, once a problem of scientific proportions, now yours for a more than a pittance but less than an ounce of gold.