Economy Class: No Less Fantastic

Have a seat, traveler of the future. But don’t stay in your seat. Stretch your world-worn legs, walk to the bar car and make a new acquaintance. Turbulence? Not below these seas where above, ferries, swimmers and fisherman boats cross the busiest stretch of water anywhere.

Economy Class on the Chunnel Train. Getting you from London to City of Light for less than a prized scientist’s ransom.


Your chair, arranged airline style in pairs. But unlike anything those flying machines have to offer. No recirculating air from a complex set of duct systems created by mad scientists in a circuitous laboratory. Or seat belts that hug your middle, stuffed with muddy coffee and gelatinous meat product.

Eurostar Economy Seating MapThis image is a representation of a Economy car. The actual number of seats, restrooms, or table placements on the train may vary slightly.

Economy Class Duo SeatsDuo Seats

Aisle and window seating next to each other with pull-down tables. Ideal for singles, couples whom eye contact is simply to much to bear and friends who are both either righties or lefties, or one is ambidextrous.

Economy Class Club FourClub 4

Four seats facing each other across a table. Business types who care more about the mind than inner tinkering of geared engines will enjoy this setup, as will families who play card games with wild abandon.