Room to Roam: Premier Class

First class on flying machine? Cost prohibitive. Chunnel Train? Attainable luxury. Welcome to Premier Class.

Flying first class still requires at least an hour to check in. We say, “Down with wasted time!” Arrive 10 minutes before departure, last minute Louie and Louise, and settle in.

Pick a seat. Any seat, lad and maiden. And voyage to London or Paris or beyond in the Chunnel Train of dreams.


Seats not only recline, but grant you extra room. Industrialists aren’t the only ones who get to feel “this” tall. In duo, solo and Club two and four, sit alone, pondering the universe or spar with a new sentient being.

Eurostar Premier Seating MapThis image is a representation of a Economy car. The actual number of seats, restrooms, or table placements on the train may vary slightly.

Duo Seats

These are aisle and window seats next to each other, with pull down tables for a glass of old-world sherry and printed words written by the establishment.

Solo Seat

Here’s a seat to call your own with a pull down table for writing your manifesto. Right next to a window, you’ll soulfully gaze at beauty not found at 30,000 feet above sea level. 

Premier CLub Two SeatsClub 2

Two solo seats facing each other across a table, this set up is perfect for verbal jousting, sharing Coq au Vin and staring contests.

Premier Club Four SeatsClub 4

Four duo seats face each other from across a table. Same as Club 2 but double the adventure.