Indeed, the Train Really Flies

A Chunnel Train, Once a Dream.

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“Where are we Professor Poppycock! This isn’t Paris! What are these flying machines doing all over the road?” said a panicked Josiah, the apprentice to the world’s foremost steam-powered train inventor.

“My dear Josiah,” began Poppycock. “I wanted you to see the machines taking over our great world. We have landed in an airport. Far, far away from the city center. And now must hop in a man-powered coach, travel through stretches of highway and byway, surrounded by smog and coal-powered engines.”

Poppycock brought his apprentice to Orly, if only to prove why their Chunnel Train research had to continue for the sake of humanity.

On board the flying machine, both Professor and apprentice were each permitted one steamer trunk, and had to pay an astonishing $50 fee to carry on board their super phenomenal inventor’s kit. Due to turbulence, the kit shifted in flight, emptying its contents and destroying years of work.

“If only our Chunnel Train was ready for the world!” exalted Josiah.

“Soon enough, my apprentice,” said Poppycock. “Now let’s long last find the City of Love. I’ve got my magnifying glass, and am ready to track down the final pieces to our fantastic invention!”

(150 years later.)

St. Pancras station in London greets passengers with the world’s largest Champagne bar. Up to 17 times a day, travelers board the Chunnel Train, and are whisked to Paris in just 2 hours, 15 minutes. You have arrived. The doors open. Lovers, poets and dreamers exit to the center of the City of Light.