Take the Chunnel Train

Are you Ready to Be Astounded?

An engineering marvel comprised of three interconnecting tubes, caressing the Strait of Dover for 31 miles. Indeed, the tunnel travels beneath the seabed for merely 23 miles, at an average depth of 150 feet long. For you, traveler of worldly wonders, the journey takes just 20 minutes below these shadowy ripples.

A Chunnel Train of historical proportions since 1994, it has redefined travel between Britain and the Continent. Flying machines no longer can compete with the comfortable classes of service, amenities and city-to-city departures and arrivals offered by this high-speed apparatus.

Begin in London, city of myth and ghosts and fish and chips. At St. Pancras Station, board your Chunnel Train for the 186mph journey to Paris. Emerge at Nord Station in two hours and 15 minutes. From here, connect to over 100 destinations across Europe.

Continue on now to our classes of service, where you can enhance your trip with the almighty dollar or stay with the “people.” You will get there quickety-quick whichever you choose.